Downloading from Rooweb Clipart

All content is created uniquely for Rooweb. The gallery is 100% free with attribution contains no ads or misleading redirects to other websites.

Vectors and GIMP Brushes

The original vector file in SVG format and GIMP brushes available for download from Rooweb Clipart have been compressed using a 7z Format creating in most cases a tiny file for downloading. Simply un-zip the file for use in Inkscape or GIMP. An application like 7-Zip may be required on your system to extract 7z files and can be easily obtained free from

PNG (Portable Network Graphics)

Transparent PNG files can be downloaded simply using the Download PNG button where available 😉


Content available from Rooweb Clipart is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License  Specific attribution information is available on individual pages. At this stage please simply contact us if you would like to use anything without attribution.”